Real Talk with Realtron Podcast - Episode 6

15 May 2019
REMAX Realtron Realty Inc

In the special edition of Real Talk with Realtron, Gene Cheng interviews three of ReMax Realtron's amazing Realtors including: Victoria Zhang. Annie Li & Judy Dong. These remarkable women have risen to the top ranks of the Realtron network. You will learn how they serve their clients, negotiate and constantly exceed their client 's expectations.

运亨地产(Realtron)特别版,Gene Cheng采访了ReMax Realtron运亨地产杰出的房地产经纪人 ; Victoria Zhang ,Annie Li 和 Judy Dong。 这几位杰出女性已经是Realtron最高级别的经纪,这次采访,您将了解她们如何为客户服务,如何为争取客户最好的价格和权利,如何不断地持续地超越客户的期望值

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