Bedscapes: Bedroom Design

10 August 2015
REMAX Realtron Realty Inc

At Design To Go, we transform bedrooms!  We do this by making the bed the focal point of the room.  With a few simple principles you can achieve spectacular results.

Starting with a white or neutral comforter or duvet allows you to be really creative with your colour choices for your toss cushions.  Pulling colours from around the room and incorporating them into your bedscape will help to create a cohesive look.  Try to stick to no more than three colours to avoid looking over done.  It is also really important to alternate colors. White pillows will get lost if placed right in front of a white headboard.  If your headboard is a light colour, place toss cushions in front that will really pop against it and place the lighter coloured pillows in front of those.  Alternating this way will create a fresh look that is easy on the eyes.

The size of your bed will dictate the layout of your pillows and placement should go from largest to smallest from the back to the front, we generally follow a 2-2-2-1 pillow layout on a Queen bed (2 euros, 2 standard pillows, 2 toss pillows, 1 bolster or another toss).

Play with different shapes, sizes and textures to get your desired look.  If you have a gorgeous headboard, you may not want to cover it up with euro pillows, so just stick with queen pillows.

Adding a throw or a coverlet at the bottom of the bed is a dramatic way to reinforce your colour palette and to add visual interest.

The added texture will create warmth and will look fabulous when photographed (for MLS)…if you’re selling.

These simple tips will help you create a warm and inviting bedscape.  Design To Go is always available to work with you to create your dream bedroom or to help you create one for potential buyers.  Whether decorating for selling or living, we are here to help.

Call Design To Go today to make sure that your property is fresh and appealing to sell for top dollar in the Greater Toronto area.