Haunted Houses?

29 October 2013
REMAX Realtron Realty Inc

Who you gonna call if the house is haunted? Since writing about a seller’s legal obligation to disclose whether a murder has been committed at their home to a potential buyer, I have received further inquiries regarding other psychological stigmas that might have to be disclosed. This includes whether a house is haunted, whether the home was a house of prostitution or a violent home invasion had been committed in the past. Between 1977 and 1989, Helen Ackley claimed that ...

Condominium Status Certificate

17 October 2013
REMAX Realtron Realty Inc

What’s So Important About A Condominium Status Certificate? The purchase of a condominium differs in many regards from the purchase of a house. Condominiums are created by statute and the Declaration, Rules and By-Laws of each condominium differ. Here are some of the questions that you and your agent should be asking each other: Are pets allowed? What kinds of pets? How many? Do I have to keep them on a leash? If you don’t have a pet now, do ...