Painting and Home Staging

12 August 2013
REMAX Realtron Realty Inc

Do I Really Need to Paint Before I Stage My Home?

It’s a good question…one we hear over and over.  The basic rule of Staging 101 is when choosing a paint colour “stay in neutral”.  Your property needs to appeal to your target audience, while keeping in mind the widest range of potential buyers.

Neutral wall and cabinet colours can be elegant and sophisticated…not offensive in the least.  You may find the word “offensive” an interesting term to use when we’re talking about paint – but the last thing you need is a buyer’s negative emotional reaction to your wall colours.    Red dining room walls are great for living…not for selling.   Strong colours are a personal choice and they hit the buyer as soon as he or she walks into a room, often evoking a feeling of “yikes”!


A neutral wall colour will quietly sit in the background and allow buyers to really look at the space, the windows, the floors, etc.  Buyers know that you’ll be taking your furniture with you – but the walls will be left behind for them to deal with.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Are the walls in good shape?  How fresh-looking are they?  They may be neutral, but are they clean and free of marks, chips or cracks?  How long has it been since they were painted?  Is the trim clean and in good repair – no dents or signs of wear?

You ultimately want your buyer to feel like they could move into your property tomorrow and do absolutely nothing for 5-8 years.  If they are walking through your house taking note of which colours they need to change or what needs to be repaired before they can move in, they will be subtracting these amounts (at 4 and 5 times the real cost) from their offer price…assuming, of course, that it even goes that far.  With all the distractions, your property may not even make it onto the list of contenders.

A few cans of paint could make the difference between a successful sale and sitting on the market.  As professional Home Stagers, Design To Go will do a full colour consultation when we initially tour your property and will leave you with paint colours for each room.  Need a great painter at a reasonable price?  Design To Go can help with that as well, especially if time is of the essence.

Call Design To Go today to make sure that your property is fresh and appealing to sell for top dollar in the Greater Toronto area.